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Q 01. What is gTalk® pinless calling service?

Q 02. How gTalk® pinless service differs from ordinary calling card service?

Q 03. Is gTalk® pinless calling service a pre-paid service?

Q 04. Can I make domestic calls using gTalk® pinless calling service?

Q 05. Is there a need to change my current telecom service provider?

Q 06. Can I use gTalk® pinless calling service from outside the U.S.A.?

Q 07. Is there a need to open an account to use gTalk® pinless calling service?

Q 08. Are there any end user contracts to use gTalk® pinless service?

Q 09. How to open an account with gTalk® pinless calling service?

Q 10. When I can start using my gTalk® pinless account?

Q 11. How to Recharge gTalk® pinless calling account?

Q 12. How do I protect my credit card information?

Q 13. Is there any monthly charge or minimum usage fee?

Q 14. What are Registered Numbers?

Q 15. What is Account Phone Number?

Q 16. How many Registered Numbers may be registered by an account?

Q 17. Can I change my Registered Number?

Q 18. How gTalk® pinless service works?

Q 19. How to inquire about your current account balance?

Q 20. What is SPEED dial?

Q 21. What is HOT number?

Q 22. Is there any hidden cost?

Q 23. Can I see my call log?

Q 24. How can I know if my account has been recharged?

Q 25. Can I use different language for different Registered Number?

Q 26. Can I change my HOT number settings?

Q 27. Does taxes and fees apply to the calls made through gTalk® pinless service?

Q 28. Is there extra charge for using toll free access?

Q 29. Do you have customer service center?

Q 30. How to avoid 1 minute calls?

Q 31. I can not get access to the system even if I dialed the correct access number?

Q 32. Can I make calls with blocked caller ID?

Q 33. What is 'Refer a Friend Reward' program?

Q 34. Can I Dial 911 using gTalk® service?

Q 35. Will my local telephone service provider charge me long distance service for calls made to a gTalk® access number?

Q 36. What is 'Auto Recharge'?

Q 37. How to set my account for auto recharge?

Q 38. Is auto recharge an optional feature? Is it free?

Q 39. Will I be notified of auto recharge activities in my account?

Q 40. Can a customer edit auto recharge setting or revert back from auto recharge to manual recharge and vice versa?

Q 41. Does auto recharge get executed during a call?

Q 42. Why Auto-Recharge setting of my gTalk® account is not working?

Q 43. I am not receiving or missing gTalk® emails, why it happens and how to solve the problem?

Q 44. Can I request to close one of my gTalk® accounts and get the balance transferred to my other gTalk® account?

Q 45. How to get my account Phone number changed?

Q 46. Will my gTalk® account get locked due to repeated log on attempts?

Q 47. How can I obtain call log of my gTalk® account?

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